Entrance to the École de Nancy Museum - France.
Girls School - Nager Valley, Pakistan.
Young Boy - Shigar Village, Baltistan.
Waiting and White Wine - Bataille des Raines, Valais, Switzerland.
Wild Thyme - Santrancy, France.
Where the Artists Paint - Santrancy, France
Moving Spots - Delft, Netherlands.
Revitilizing History - Darb Al-Ahmar, Cairo, Egypt.
Color, Form & Carpets - Souk in Marakesh, Morocco.
A Chihuly at the Conservatory - Columbus, Ohio, USA
An Artist Perspective - Grande Canal, Venice, Italy.
A Place I Called Home - View of the Matterhorn, Valais, Switzerland.
Design in Many Forms - Animateur, Sculpteur, François Junoud's Work Shop, St, Croix, Switzerland. 
Paul Klee in the Sky - Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland.
American Symetry - Grafton, Vermont, USA.
Clouds for the Future - Blur Building Pavillion, Expo 2002, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. 
What Happened to America? - Pinecrest, California, USA.
Made in America - Shaker workshop, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, USA.
Animal Expressions - Casey Farm, Rhode Isalnd, USA.
Peace & Serenity - Gettysburg, Pennsylvaina, USA.
At Home in the Cold - Antelope Island, Utah, USA.
A Road no Longer Travelled - Brigham City, Utah. USA.
Aging Populations -  Nursing Home and Garden, Beijiao, Pearl River Delta, China.
Master's Apprentice - Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, Shanghai, China.
Attire in Red; a Wedding Ceremony - On the stairs of the Colonial Central Police Station, Hong Kong.
Walking the Birds - Macau,China.
Can We Be Seen - Graffiti Art, Mui Wo, Hong Kong.
Seeing is Believing - Design Matters, The Ohio State University, USA.
Natures Color and Form - Monarch Butterfly,Wickford, Rhode Island, USA.
Colors From the Sea - Acadia National Park, Maine, USA.
Little girl from Wasini Island in Kenya attended design training sessions with her mother.
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