I.Do Workshop: Booklet design by Robin Lee Reed.
Team Identity: Students from Hong Kong, Europe and the USA conducted visual ethnographies and designed their own identity's to tackle the social issue of the "Aging Population in China."
Qualitative Design Research - Visiting a retirement community in Daliang, Pearl River Delta and conducting interviews with the elderly.
Exploratory Research: Building empathy and understanding the context to develop solutions for improved living conditions.
Sketching Impressions - Students visualized and stylized life style details.
Visual Ethnography - Understanding the problem.
Participatory Design - Collaborating with the elderly throughout the design process.
Ideation - Students developed human-centered design solutions and products.
Product Solution - Team Ja designed a multi-purpose shopping cart, to provide support and storage options.
Final 3D Model - The 6 week workshop ended with an exhibition and models, which were presented to all particpants involved with the study and the sponsoring community.
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